Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Michal Skramusky Photography

Michal Skramusky

photography changes can not be taught, you can
read several books about technology, pay for the most expensive models,
you can study photography at school, buy the latest technology, but if you don't give it from your soul it wont be interesting at all and it would be useless.

According to Michal: "I love photography, it is for me a kind of self-realization and expression of emotions through the pictures, it's art, which sometimes takes your breath or highlights and points to the nature of man."

Check Michal work on

Sunday, October 3, 2010



Bonhams, founded in 1793, is one of the world's oldest and largest auctioneers of fine art and antiques. The present company was formed by the merger in November 2001 of Bonhams & Brooks and Phillips Son and Neale UK. In August 2002, the company acquired Butterfields, the principal firm of auctioneers on the West Coast of America. Today, Bonhams offers more sales than any of its rivals, through two major salerooms in London: New Bond Street, and Knightsbridge, and a further five throughout the UK. Sales are also held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Carmel, New York and Boston in the USA; Toronto, Canada; and France, Monaco, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai. Bonhams has a worldwide network of offices and regional representatives in 27 countries offering sales advice and valuation services in 57 specialist areas. By the end of 2009, Bonhams had become UK market leaders in ten key specialist collecting areas. For a full listing of upcoming sales, plus details of Bonhams specialist departments, go to (May 2010).

Bonhams, one of the oldest auction houses in the world, will lead the way by offering classic collectors’ cars for the first time in the Middle East at their upcoming sale which will take place on 11th October at One&Only Royal Mirage. Bonhams sixth auction in Dubai will also include vintage and limited edition watches as well as Modern & Contemporary Middle Eastern, Iranian & South East Asian Art.

Matthew Girling, Bonhams Chief Executive Europe & Middle East, commented: “Following the phenomenal success of our earlier auctions in the Middle East, it has become apparent that the region is ready for greater exposure to world-class art and collectables, and the addition of motorcars and watches demonstrates our commitment to the region and our belief in the long term prospects for a thriving art market in Dubai.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Music Video of the Month

JaiC - Good Evening

House - Elektro - Oriental
Composed & Produced by Jad Chehayeb

Directed by Suzie Selman
M&M Crystalls by Mona Mrad
Light by Platonic Jad Rizkallah
Makeup by Maysaa Chehayeb
Tshirt Design by The Must Men

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – Costume Q&A

Ellen Mirojnick- Wall Street Costume Designer

Having created some of the most recognisable contemporary costume design of the 20th century for Wall Street in 1987, Ellen Mirojnick returns to dress belated sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. But how has time altered the broker’s look and what sartorial influences does the current economic climate bring to the new world of finance?

costume designer Ellen Mirojnick tells us exactly what to expect when director Oliver Stone’s much anticipated follow up hits cinema screens next month.
Q: How has Wall Street trader attire evolved since the first film?
A: The attire of The Street has evolved. Depending on firm, different dress codes exist. All include moneyed accessories and designer shoes. For example, there is a company lead by an impeccably well-dressed man. He requires every trader and anyone representing his firm to be as polished as he is. From personal grooming to the suitings, they are immaculate. If the code is not met they are sent to the groomer. The look is a very clean style, with a crisp edge. To have the EDGE – the key component is they have to be the EDGE.
At the other end of the spectrum there are firms that encourage a more relaxed casual code. This casualness is head to toe, including no socks with their Gucci or Feragamo loafers. Jackets, shirts and ties are kept in lockers for meetings with clients. At this firm the look on the trading floor is controlled casualness. However, a trader is not allowed on the floor wearing sneakers. There are other small firms, where traders might be in shorts, collared tee’s and baseball hats while trading along side of someone who appears to have stepped out of GQ. The evolution is large.
It feels as if the first Wall Street opened the door to encourage a man to exhibit his personal style. Over the past 23 years, Wall Street has come to symbolize a moneyed style. Always with a certain confidence; one’s own personality and panache. Whether it is as easy as jeans, a button-down, no socks and Gucci loafers or put together in a bespoke ensemble, the pieces are expensive and convey power.
Q: Are the costumes more muted and less showy in this sequel to reflect a change in the economic climate?
A: The film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps starts in the summer of 2008, as the crash began to unfold. The world closes in on GREED IS GOOD. New York’s Gilded Age was about to implode. The elements in this film are very rich and naturalistic. As wealth accumulated, during the aughts, the excesses blurred the boundaries of style, causing a gilded muscular appearance. But, when everything is gilded, one cannot discern the showiness or the colourfulness; it all appears to be the same until you get close and see the expense in the details.
Q: Who is behind Michael Douglas’ suits as Gordon Gekko this time around?
A: This time around Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko has a character arc; very different from the first film. Gordon Gekko starts off as a quiet shark circling the story. One doesn’t know when or where that shark will attack. In the film, he has a few different beats, ending with a great Machiavellian Gekko twist. In the beginning of the story, the single-breasted summer suiting in taupe/grey worsted was made by Canali. The costume was designed specifically for Gekko to be a man that blends into the city. When Gekko emerges as the shark we know, I’ve designed his costumes to be BOLD! He is in his element, sharking in a new pool. Gekko shines in satirical splendour. In contrast to the beginning of the film, once he feeds, his costumes become muscular, bold and totally Gekko bespoken.
Jacob’s style is intended as youthful, sharp and modern. He wears a two button collar to match the proportions of his neck.
Q: How about Shia LaBeouf as Jacob? His clothes are obviously hipper and slimmer than Gekko’s. More Italian looking…
A: Shia LaBeouf’s clothing is all bespoke, as well. Jacob is hip, he is rich, and he wants it all. The cut of his suits have a purposeful sharp silhouette. Every decision about the proportion and perception was made to serve the character, the story and ultimately the actor.
Q: Does the contrast collar and cuffs ‘Gekko shirt’ make a re-appearance?
A: No, this is 2009, Gekko’s new style is simply powerful, bold and handsome.
Q: Is Josh Brolin as Bretton James the ‘new Gekko’? How did you go about creating his look?
A: Josh Brolin is a fetching Bretton James. He is all about presentation, money, power and conquering the world. Bretton is ruthless. This time, the stakes are much bigger than when Gekko originally played with similar ingredients back in the eighties.
When designing a look for a character, I always think about the actor playing the character. I break it down, to build it up. It is an assignment that is architecturally inspired. To think about Bretton, one thinks of Darth Vader.
Q: How involved were the actors in their costumes? Did you discuss with them at length before fittings?
A: Every actor is very involved determining their costumes, they must be. Everything is discussed, every aspect covered. It is very important that the costume component fit first and foremost with the director’s overall vision of the film.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Film of the Month

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

An American drama film directed by Oliver Stone. It is a sequel to the 1987 film Wall Street, and the first sequel Stone has done to any of his films. Michael Douglas reprises his Academy Award-winning role of Gordon Gekko and Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan, and Frank Langella also star in the film.
Set in New York City, the film takes place 23 years after the original, revolving around the 2008 financial crisis. The film's plot mainly centers around the reformed Gekko acting as more of an antihero rather than a villain and follows his attempts to help Wall Street before its soon-to-be stock market crash as well as trying to repair his relationship with his daughter Winnie with the help of Jacob, Winnie's fiance. In return, Gekko helps Jacob get revenge on the man he blames for his mentor's death.
The film's story and screenplay are written by Bryan Burrough, Allan Loeb and Stephen Schiff. The film will is produced by Stone, Douglas, Edward R. Pressman, co-produced by Eric Kopeloff and executive produced by Alessandro Camen and Celia D. Costas.
The film is set 23 years after the first film, in June 2008, and Gordon Gekko has just been released from prison. Despite his initial attempts to warn Wall Street of the forthcoming economic downturn and stock market crash, no one in the financial world believes him due to his conviction for financial crimes. Gekko decides to re-focus his attention on rebuilding his relationship with his estranged daughter, Winnie. Due to their time apart, and the fact that Winnie blames Gekko for her brother Rudy's suicide, she avoids any contact with him. At the same time, the mentor of young Wall Street trader Jacob unexpectedly dies, and Jacob suspects his hedge fund manager of being involved in the death. Jacob, who is Winnie's fiancé, seeks revenge and agrees to Gekko's offer of help, in return for which Jacob agrees to help Gekko with Winnie.

London Fashion Week Sep. 2010

London Fashion Week is here: from the catwalk and presentation spaces to the Exhibition. This season, the Somerset House Terrace plays host to the Sony Music Presents, showcasing some of Britain's best music talent.
The schedule reveals newcomers, Swedish fashion design house Acne and SS11 NEWGEN designers Michael Van Der Ham, David Koma and Holly Fulton, all making their on schedule debuts. Giles has confirmed he too will show in London marking a return following two seasons in Paris. Designers also confirmed to show on schedule for a third consecutive season include Burberry Prorsum, Matthew Williamson, Pringle of Scotland, Antonio Berardi and Jonathan Saunders.
NEWGEN MEN designers James Long, Christopher Shannon and J.W. Anderson will once again show on-schedule, alongside a catwalk debut from the cutting-edge tailor to some of the world’s biggest stars Ozwald Boateng. Raw, emerging design talent juxtaposed with innovative yet popular tailoring from Savile Row designers, such as Boateng demonstrates the evolution of the breadth and calibre of talent showcased during LFW’s Menswear Day.

CEO of the British Fashion Council Caroline Rush, commented “London Fashion Week is renowned for its diversity and breadth of talent; our established, iconic brands show alongside our brightest emerging stars in an extraordinary showcase of talent season on season.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Alexander McQueen memorial service

Kate Moss joined the rest of the world's fashion elite to pay tribute to the influential British designer Alexander McQueen at his memorial service today
Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell and Stella McCartney among fashion elite paying tribute
Family and friends took a break from London Fashion Week for the ceremony, which was a "who's who" of the industry.
Moss, who wore a black leather outfit with a plunging neckline and stilettos, attended the service at St Paul's Cathedral along with Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell and Stella McCartney.
Supermodel Campbell wore a black feather dress along with knee-high boots that revealed gold detailing on the sole as she walked up the steps into the cathedral.
Parker caused a stir as she arrived wearing a cream dress protected from the autumn chill by a black knee-length jacket.
Flashes of McQueen's trademark tartan could also be seen as others chose to pay homage by wearing his designs.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NewYork Fashion Week September 2010

Only occurring two times over the span of twelve months
New York Fashion Week illuminated a different type of energy this go around.
Straying away from its usual Bryant Park location, the fall iteration of NYFW operated out of Lincoln Center. The event, which brings in the most stylish and fashionable people from every creek and pond of the world to New York City, would be impossible to define with one word.

This year's upcoming extravaganza - was scheduled from Thursday, September 9 to Thursday, September 16, 2010 - designers gather from around the world to exhibit their Spring 2011 collections.

As always, IMG remains the main driving force behind New York Fashion Week, with Mercedes Benz and Olympus alternately providing major sponsorship.

Twice yearly, the Big Apple goes out of its way to welcome high-powered media moguls and Hollywood movie stars who come to see, or be seen, at one of the planet's most celebrated fashion events that attracts over 100,000 attendees. Behind the scenes, a lucky handful of interns from city fashion schools, such as FIT or Parsons School of Design, toil as volunteers.

Local fashion fans, meanwhile, can tune in to watch full coverage on local channel TV 25 — which annually devotes more than 150 hours of coverage with nightly recaps all week long on special editions of Videofashion Daily.